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It all starts at T8

As part of the LKKL art-group

"Everything we do now is reminiscent of the period of the Middle Ages, where we live on the ruins of a ruined culture and build our new culture like barbarians who mount the remains of columns in their dwelling."  *Quote from I. Prokhorova's lecture on the work of D.A. Prigov.

The planet "You8" is similar to Earth's exaggerated reality. The aliens are in constant acceleration and variability, the unreliability of their state is counted in great speed and quantity.

And what is art and culture on this planet if art on p. Earth is a mirror of reality?
On You8 there are no museums, no archives, no exhibitions and no final products of art, only workshop production, which occupies the entire territory of the planet. Here, an object is assembled and immediately destroyed before it is finished, its wreckage is transformed again, something new grows but immediately disappears. Destruction and creation, destruction again - paired action without gaps. What is created is woven and unwoven, to change form into meaning and then back into form. In the place of touch, history changes its course. Physical form becomes shaped only in the place of imprinting. Space folds and unfolds where time is grasped. 

Where is Prigov? Prigov is in the plural in Ju8. He is unrecognizable, he is multiple and singular. He is an artist, a craftsman, a society, a creator, a demiurge, one who fixes time by changing the dimensionality of space. We do not see him, do not know his face, we see an infinite process that changes the positions of meaning art-material-art. 

Director and animator: Lyudmila Kalinichenko (@lk_lyuda)
Text writer: Xenia Larina (@xsenialarina)
Music: Mikhail Mikhailov (@korrektor)

Video: 00:04:12

2020 - Uralskaya Kvartrale of Contemporary Art / Darya Malkova Apartment / Yekaterinburg

2020 - "Distant Planets of DAP. To the 80th anniversary of Dmitry Prigov / Yeltsin Center Art Gallery / Yekaterinburg

2021 - Laboratory of Contemporary Art "Comfortable Memory" / Aramil

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