Elysium is a place where there is no disease or suffering, where eternity reigns, and everything that exists is unchangeable and permanent. A person there is deprived of the fear of the end – the truly deep fear that Adam and eve experienced. According to the legend, having tasted the forbidden fruit, they were banished from Paradise and soon began to feel that everything on earth became finite for them: the seasons, events, relationships and life itself. Today, the fear of the end is innate, but it is felt especially vividly at the moment when we lose something valuable and important.

I recreate the desired infinity of the mythological Paradise in my "Elysium" - a place where the number of objects is excessive, and therefore infinite. The guarantee of this new infinity is the inexhaustibility of resources. If my ceramic fawn falls and breaks, I can always buy another copy. In the season of sales, any hypermarket counter blunts my fear, promising to compensate for losses. Feelings in such a picture of the world, like objects, are replenishable. On the island of "Elysium" any item can be easily replaced with the same new one - this garden will not let you down. Here, in the plastic garden of Paradise, there are printed figures of animals and exotic birds, and eternal values are replaced by the value of eternity.

Lyuda Kalinichenko

Garden sculptures, salt, a running line, digital frames.