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Сгенерированный уникального рисунка с помощью специального запроса  нейросети.

The technique of "gaining the interlocutor's trust" is very often built on repetition and copying: it is recommended to copy your interlocutor's gestures, to mention his name several times in a conversation.

Airplane pilots use a checklist and repetition, double-checking each other before a flight to rule out errors and malfunctions. Similar algorithms are used during training, negotiations, and other types of success-focused communications. This in part turns the relationship into an intuitive game of "believe-don't believe."

Similarly, "trust formulas" are used in technology. These techniques are superimposed on the interface and humanize it. Voice assistants not only help us in operations, but also become close friends, partners, lovers, associates. Interfaces have exclusive access to our home, our data, profile us.

But what happens next with the resulting trust?
I decided to answer this question with something casual, natural, bodily, real. Something that can keep me safe and relieve anxiety. 
- Kiss-s-s. Trust Serum Bite.

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