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Finished Goods

The project explores the theme of the production and consumption of signs as elements of contemporary culture. The authors refer to issues as and when artistic statement becomes a consumer product? How does the act of transformation of art into a commercial object.


General questions combine two series. A series of "Animals" is addressed to the production and consumption of signs. The transformation of the social reality in symbolic items that are consumed instead of the real objects and make scenography personifitsi- Rowan facsimiles.


The "Skirts" shows how the shape and location affect the value. The same print, in various forms has absolutely opposite values. In the first - is an artist rendering of thoughts and emotions, in the second - a commodity item of clothing.


Where is the fine line between craft, design and art? The latter can easily turn into a finished product consumer, but if the process is reversible?

LKKL / Lyudmila Kalinichenko, Kseniya Larina

Photography, collage.100*100 cm.


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