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born in 1985, Miass/Ural

lives and works in London, UK

She is a multi-discipline artist, works with installations, video, text and photography

Lyudmila was born in Ural, Russia and now lives in London, UK. In order to adapt to a new place, environment and culture after emigration, she places fleeting motivational quotes on the city streets through video projections and creates street installations as temporary public art.

The main themes Lyudmila works with are personal and historical memory. By collecting and recording personal memories and stories, she continues the family tradition of telling stories through the female line, from grandmother to granddaughter. She transforms the collected material into various media: photography, video, installation, sculpture, text, fixing it in the format of an author's book, trying to foresee the future by rethinking the past. Because she grew up in an industrial region, her work often carries an industrial heritage.


A frequent technique used by the artist is the method of repetition (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V). Although mechanical copying can lead to depersonalization, it paradoxically emphasizes the uniqueness of personal memories, thus reinforcing the notion of individuality. Each project is based on memories and references to the past, raising domestic, social and political issues. For example, the installation "Better Things Ahead: Unlimited" begins with a story of childhood trauma associated with life on a farm and then explores the topic of artificial meat production, advertising manipulation and consumer culture.


«Best before: unlimited» shortlisted for the "Innovation-2021" Prize in the "New Generation" category. In the same year she was shortlisted for the Present Continuous program of the V-A-C Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp (M HKA). She was shortlisted for the AES+F Artist Residency Awardgrant program in New York and longlist of international competition "Foam Talent". Lyudmila is a winner of the Garage Museum grant program (2017) and a participant in the START project at Vinzavod. Her work has been shown in the main project of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017) and in the special program of the 5th Ural Biennale (2019), as well as in group exhibitions in Russia, Italy and England.




2022 – «Best before: unlimited», gallery «OkNo» / Chelyabinsk

2022 – "The book about my family", Urals branch of the Pushkin Museum / Yekaterinburg

2021 – "The Enemy Mine", Project  "NitiXNiti /Aramil Knitting factory / Aramil

2021 – "Kiss-s-s", Urals branch of the Pushkin Museum / Yekaterinburg

2020 – «Best before: unlimited», the photographic museum «Metenkov House» / Yekaterinburg 

2019 – «Elysium», gallery «Sinara Art» / Yekaterinburg 

2019 – «Dialogue», gallery «Narodnaya» / Nizhniy Tagil

2018 – «500 Meters online», project «Start» Winzavod CCA / Moscow

2018 - «Household Surrealism», gallery «Pro Art's» / Kaluga

2017 – «Household Surrealism», gallery «OkNo» / Chelyabinsk

2017 – «Gradient of the linear difference», foundation «Cultural Transit» / Yekaterinburg

2016 – «Household Surrealism», gallery «Space Place» / Nizhniy Tagil

2015 – «Finish Goods», museum of Fine Аrts / art-gru LKKL / Nizhny Tagil


2022 – Urals Public Art Festival "ChÖ" / Yekaterinburg

2019 – Preview of the 5th Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art, gallery "GUM-Red-Line"/ Moscow

2019 – «Nothing is what it seems», Special project of The 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, public space interventions / Tyumen

2019 – «After Us», Special project of The 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, public space interventions, Ural NCCA / Yekaterinburg

2019 – «Collectivity. Axis for peace» festival «Presence» FotoDepartament / S. Peterburg

2017 – 4th Ural Industrial Biennial: «New Literacy», curator Joao Ribas. Ural Instrument-Making Plant / Yekaterinburg

2018 – «Nothing is what it seems» festival «Bazhov-Fest» NCCA Ural / Yekaterinburg

2018 – «Bring Your Own Beamer Vol.3» Yeltsin Center Art Gallery / Yekaterinburg

2018 – «Art-subject» contemporary art festival / Vladimir

2018 – «KosMost» - festival of contemporary photography / Kostrom

2017 – «Undark Festival» / Yekaterinburg

2017 – «Natura e artificio» festival «Trullo 227» / Martina Franca, Italy

2017 – «Experience of Transition», festival «Presence» FotoDepartament / S.Peterburg

2016 – "Young photographers of Russia-2016", photo festival / Pushchino

2016 – "Marsciano Arte Giovani" art-festival / Marsciano, Italy


2022 – "Obratka" Yeltsin Center / Yekaterinburg

2021 – Exhibition of nominees for the 2nd Moscow Art Prize, Zaryadye Park / Moscow

2021 – Exhibition of nominees of the Innovation Prize 2020 / Nizhny Novgorod

2021 – "Strange Agents", Victoria Underground Gallery / Samara

2021 – "Distant Planets of DAP" for the 80th anniversary of D. Prigov / Yeltsin Center Art Gallery / Yekaterinburg 

2021 – "Garden of Unearthly Consolations", V. Smirnov and K. Sorokin Foundation / Moscow

2021 -– "Alice, please turn on the radio!" online gallery "Paul's Labyrinth"/ZIL Center/Moscow

2021 – "Invisible Women" / Gallery "Thursday" / Moscow

2020 – «Kvartirale», Apartment Exhibition Festival / Yekaterinburg

2019 – «Gentle Touches», gallery « Victoria» / Samara

2018 – «I'm not a robot», exhibition halls of Moscow «Electromuseum» / Moscow

2018 – «Taming the void. 50 years of Ural contemporary art», The Krasnoyarsk Museum Center / Krasnoyarsk

2017 – «Why do I dream of light?» Yeltsin Center Art Gallery / Yekaterinburg

2016 – "Artrooms" Week Art Fair / London, UK

2016 – «Nonrandom connection» NCCA Ural / Yekaterinburg

2016 – "Tempus Locus", museum of Fine Аrts / Nizhny Tagil

2016 – "When I'm Appear ", FotoDepartament / S.Peterburg


2020 – « New stories of Yekaterinburg», the photographic museum «Metenkov House» / Yekaterinburg

2013/2022 – Launch of the "Tale about how the horse Zoe learned to fly" / Author, illustrator and art director /

2022 – "A book about my family" /


- The article by Anton Shebetko in the online magazine "Bird in Flight" about the project "Best before: unlimited"

- The article by Maria Domracheva about the project "Gradient of Linear Changes" in the online magazine Aroundart

- Cahiers d’Artistes collection in Russia, Author's Zine released with the support of Pro Helvetia

- 4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art: New Literacy /e-flux

2017– 2019 Maternity leave. Curating young projects.Curator of the youth contemporary art laboratory at the Ural Industrial Biennale. Conducting children's workshops. Curator and speaker for the youth mobile photography contest "The Golden Apple".

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