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The word «Kummir » (idol) is derived from « kum » that means «relative» and «world» the surrounding space, on earth and in heavens where our ancestors exist and the memory of generations rests. Kumir is not a portrait of a great grandfather, it is an image of the ancestor embodied in an idol. The place where such images were put was called «kummirnya » it is there where a person becomes closer to his ancestors, gains strength and finds answers to
difficult questions, it is a point of absolute trust.


The Internet has become one of the basic social needs, and the information stored there is perceived as constant. Often modern people unconditionally believe in the content from the Internet, not doubting its veracity. This is a new religion, and therefore it has new idols. In today’s world any Wi Fi access point becomes “ kummirnya ”, and the central idol is the sign of connection, the presence of which gives people confidence. In the project «Kummirnya» the artist suggests to connect to the local network « Kummirnya » and by the method of random discovery «clicking on the book») to get the main answers in her life from the Urals our common ancestor. This fortunetelling is based on texts related to the history of the Urals, its nature and culture.